Toy Safety

The first priority of parents is the safety of the toys with which their children play.  Here at ePloof! - toy safety is very import to us - all the toy products we select comply and often exceed the international toy safety standards. We would like to share this information with our customers so they can get a peace of mind that we choose only items that conform to the the highest safety standards as per below: 

The CE Marking is the manufacturer's declaration that his toys meet the essential requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive (TSD) 88/378/eec, and that such toys are therefore entitled to free movement throughout the 28 European Union & EFTA member states. The CE Marking has often been described as the "products' trade passport to Europe". 

en-71 copy.jpg

The EN71 Toy Safety Standard has been harmonised by the EC as the default standard which toys must meet. The following safety tests are performed:

  • Mechanical/physical testing
  • Flammability testing
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Labeling
  • Chemical testing

The safety of toys in Japan is assured by the ST Mark program operated by the JTA. For toys to bear this mark, the products must be tested for the following:

  • Mechanical properties inspection, such as Inspection on strength of toys, Inspection on dangerous sharp edges, Inspection on danger of crushing caused by movable portion, Inspection on choking possibility when swallowed.
  • Flammability, such as Flammability degree inspection, Inspection on prohibited flammable materials, Inspection on burning speed.
  • Chemical Properties, such as Analysis on toxic chemical substance content, Analysis of heavy metals and/or plasticizers content, Inspection on migration of coloring matter.

These tests covers a lot of safety aspects and the tests exceeds those that are within the European EN-71 standards.

BPA FREE copy.jpg

No BPA (Bisphenol A).  BPA can be used as an antioxidant in the manufacture of plastics of polycarbonates. 


No Phthalates. This is used as substances in some PVC in order to soften them in products such as oil clothes.


EN 14372  Childcare articles (solid food). Like its predecessor, the standard fixed the safety requirements that apply to dishes/plates and covered all articles intended for  used by a child under 36 months.



EN 14350-1 & 2  Childcare articles (liquid diet). European standard prohibiting the release of certain chemicals in the materials used in the manufacture of articles for the liquid feed. 

MALEMINE copy.jpg

Melamine is a term that refers to a manufactured type of plywood. Sheets of paper are mechanically injected with a type of resin that can bond to the surface of particleboard without the use of an adhesive. Confidence of 100% melamine which is  approved by health authorities and tested food safe. This means that we guarantee:

  • No Bisphenol-A
  • No Phtalates
  • Disherwasher safe

Mastro Geppetto

The material used for each design of our products are chosen with thought and purpose to fit the intended purpose and age group.  For example, we use maple wood for the first toys series and building blocks. This is because maple wood has a wonderful silky smooth texture and it is a hardwood so it can withstand a child's bite.  Furthermore,  maple is not curved, it is good for precise toy like our building blocks.  We try to use mill end carpentry  in our production process to enable  eco friendly production methods.  And we use eco-shira-plywood made by thinning white birch plywood in Hokkaido. All the wooden toys have been tested and comply with the International CE, EN-71 standards as well as the Japanese ST standards.

Atelier Mokku

The animal throw hoops are made from solid wood and others such as the trackball is made from MDF because it's by compounding thin wood, it's more durable and more suitable for toys.  All the wood materials used by Atelier Mokku carry a 4 star mark in the Japanese standard 'ST' (minimum rank of formaldehyde regulation by JAS and JIS) and eco- certified item. All the bond and join agent are free from any  formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and other toxic substance.  This wood bond is safe and strong, but it is not waterproof.

Woody Puddy

We have chosen to sell the beautifully crafted wooden food sets - fruits, food, cakes because of their superior design in using a small magnet to join 2 pieces rather than the commonly found velcro. The reason is because velcro gathers dirt and often catches a lot of fuzz along the way. We all know that the food toys will be placed in the mouth by our kids so the hidden magnetic is far safety and cleaner. Their colours and paint used comply with all international requirements for food safety.

All wooden toy products from Woody Puddy follow the international standards regulations, CE, EN-71, Food sanitation act, Japan's ST standards.

Uncle Goose

A lot of people ask us here at ePloof! if the bright colourful paint on the UG wooden blocks are safe and yes, we are sure they are because we have kids who have enjoyed their sets for a few years now and they've chewed on it, thrown it about and still they're durable and looks great. The kids are doing quite well too :)  See below:

Uncle Gooseâ„¢ would like to reassure all customers that our alphabet blocks and all other products are made to exceed all voluntary and mandatory standards for lead content in toys. We produce 100% of our products within our factory in Grand Rapids, allowing us to control the entire process from wood milling and inspection through to shipping.

Arty Frog Paris

Safety is of utmost importance to the team at the Arty Frog Paris.   Arty Frog Paris's (Petit Jour Paris) safety requirements  were ahead of the  regulations prohibiting the presence of BPA (0% BPA) in baby products. All dinnerware products produced by them comply with the highest toy & food safety standards including the EN 71 - Part III  Migration of certain harmful elements, such as dyes, heavy metals, etc. ...  

They gaurantee that the PVC used for oilcloth products does not contain phthalates.

All dinnerware is 100% melmamine!  However,  though the products are dishwasher proof, they are not recommended for microwaving to a high heat.

Finally, all their products carry an engraving to ensure their traceability and authenticity that is unmistakeable.


The ukuleles have a small strap to pull for the music. Padding 100% polyester minimises the risk of allergies.

*N.B. These ukuleles are essentially decorative objects ; individually handmade, they do not conform to N.F. regulations on toys.  Not suitable as toys for children under three.